Book: Raising Passionate Readers5 Easy Steps to Success in School and Life

“A Must Read for Parents of Infants, Toddlers and School Age Children”

Scientists have pinpointed the steps parents can take to help all children become readers, but this information still hasn’t spread from the research community to the general public. As a result, many parents have no idea how to help their children become skilled enthusiastic readers and some people have all but given up trying to interest children in books and reading.

In Raising Passionate Readers, Nancy Newman bridges the gap between scientists and parents, and explodes the myth that it is “impossible” to raise readers.  By combining the latest scientific research with what she learned as a teacher and mother, she has developed an approach to raising readers that is simple, effective and fun.

Newman deftly weaves together scientific facts, realistic examples of family life, humor, insight about children, and anecdotes about her own parenting to get her points across. Her many tips and suggestions are infused with joy and can be managed by even the busiest parents of infants, toddlers and school age children. But no matter what specific aspect of reading she addresses, she has one underlying goal: pleasure for children and adults, pleasure now and in the future

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